Homeowners in Oceanside, CA, may be surprised at the amount of time and money involved in a bathroom remodel. However, it is a job that comes with several benefits. The new bathroom layout may provide more convenience as well as an upgrade in appearance. There are several benefits to taking advantage of a bathroom remodel to upgrade plumbing.

Add More Flexibility

If you’ve already committed to remodeling your bathroom, replacing the old pipes can give a contractor more flexibility and more options for where certain fixtures will be placed. Trying to remodel based on old pipes limits what can be done with the project. Installing new pipes can create more space and allow you to explore different layout concepts.

Enhanced Convenience

Updated plumbing will be more dependable than older fixtures. This will significantly minimize the likelihood that your bathroom plumbing will fail and lead to emergency plumbing repairs. This is especially beneficial if you have an older home that has plumbing that is made from outdated material, including galvanized steel, iron, or other materials that are prone to corrosion.

When older piping corrodes, it can lead to water contamination and leaks. During the remodeling process, you are already exposing the pipes in the bathroom. A plumber can use that opportunity to replace older materials with newer materials like PVC, plastic, or copper. If you wait to have the pipes replaced for another time, you will seriously disrupt the bathroom and face increased expenses.

Conserve Water and Save Energy

Modern piping and new plumbing fixtures are designed to conserve energy and water. Outdated fixtures use a higher volume of water, which increases your energy bill. Upgrading the technology used in your bathroom not only improves functionality but can also lower your home’s impact on the environment. For example, water-efficient toilets use only one to 1.8 gallons of water with each flush. Older units could use up to four gallons per flush.

Increased Property Value

Although the bathroom is a smaller room in the house, it provides substantial value to residential properties. A luxurious, more functional bathroom is attractive for potential buyers. Potential buyers do not want to see outdated plumbing fixtures or worry that plumbing pipes and drainage systems might break down on them shortly after purchasing the home.

Adhering to Building Codes and Regulations

Oceanside has very strict building codes and regulations when it comes to plumbing. An older home may not meet these requirements. Working with a licensed plumber can help you bring an outdated plumbing network up to code. This may make it easier to sell your home in the future and protect you from many legal or financial repercussions.

What Plumbing Upgrades Can Be Improved?

New Pipes

Pipes are designed to be sturdy. However, if you have an older home, it is possible that water pipes have rusted or corroded. This could lead to a pipe burst, which is frustrating to handle.

Improved Drainage

The drainage system in your toilet or sink functions because there are several components that work together. A bathroom remodel is a great time to have these components replaced and inspected. This can prevent frustrating and potentially damaging water backups and drain clogs.

Heating and Cooling System

Bathroom renovations can affect the heating and cooling systems in your home. Work with a qualified plumber to ensure upgraded systems to ensure the smooth flow of treated water to your fixtures. You may want to talk to your contractor about hot water heater replacement. Upgrading to a new energy-efficient water heater will save you money and ensure that you have a sufficient amount of hot water for your needs.

Ensuring the Success of Plumbing Renovations

Before having any bathroom remodeling or plumbing renovations done, you should have your plumbing system inspected by a professional. This will help you identify underlying issues that need to be addressed. Knowing the current condition of your plumbing network will make it easier for you to create a realistic budget for plumbing renovations and minimize the number of unforeseen expenses.

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