Many factors can affect the lifespan of your furnace in Oceanside, including maintenance, installation quality, frequency of use, model, and the size of the equipment. According to research, most furnaces last for about 15 to 20 years. However, it’s important to note that this is only an average, meaning some furnaces might require replacing after 10 years of service while others might last up to 30 or more years. As a homeowner, it’s essential to know when your equipment is on its last legs so that you can start planning for replacement. Catching the signs early that your system is nearing the end of its lifespan gives you ample time to put some money aside. It’s true that furnace installation is a bit pricey. However, in the long run, it’s the most cost-effective solution. Read on to discover some signs that it’s time for a new furnace.

1. Frequent Repairs

The demand for furnace repairs is nothing out of the ordinary. Just like with most equipment, as your system works to keep your home comfortable, wear and tear takes place, necessitating repairs every once in a while. For older malfunctioning furnaces, however, the demand for repairs is more frequent, making it costly to maintain. If the technician is visiting your home frequently to perform system repairs, it’s time to consider new furnace installation. At first, repairs seem like a cheaper option. But the cost can quickly add up, surpassing half the cost of a new system. It would be unprofitable to spend so much money on a system you will end up replacing anyway.

2. Unusually High Energy Bills

An old furnace will struggle to distribute warmth evenly throughout your home, which translates to more energy consumption. Generally speaking, the older your system gets, the less energy-efficient it becomes. Before purchasing a new furnace, however, we recommend having a technician inspect your system to determine whether repairs can solve the problem. Sometimes, an increase in energy consumption might occur as a result of dirt accumulation, a broken or damaged component, or clogged filters. In this case, some simple repairs or replacements, system cleaning, and filter replacement can solve the problem. However, if the problem persists even after system maintenance and repair, it’s time to consider a new furnace installation.

3. Unusual Noise

Most furnaces make a dull humming sound during operation. However, if the noise from your system is loud, it’s a clear indication that something is amiss. Loud whistling, banging, clacking, rattling, and buzzing sounds from your system point to mechanical or electrical problems. When ignored, you risk causing more damage to your system, necessitating costly repairs. Moreover, you’re exposing your loved ones and property to the possibility of a fire hazard. Accordingly, reach out to Thompson Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning technicians for inspection and repairs. If the problem doesn’t go away or keeps reoccurring after repairs are done, it’s time to consider a furnace replacement.

4. Inefficient Heating

Is your home not warm enough? Do some rooms feel warmer than others? As furnaces get older, they lose their heat distribution efficiency. This is especially the case if some roofs are farther away from the unit or you live in a multi-story home. If you’re experiencing this problem, it’s best to seek the assistance of a certified technician. The technician will inspect your system to determine whether repairs will deliver an efficiency boost or whether a replacement is inevitable.

5. Age of Furnace

If your system was already in place when you moved in, and you’ve been living in your home for more than 15 years, it would be wise to start putting some money aside for a replacement. If you can’t locate the owner’s manual, we recommend reaching out to our technicians for inspection and recommendation. Remember, an efficient furnace is not only necessary for your comfort but also for your health and finances.

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