Most homeowners in Oceanside, CA heavily rely on their water heaters. Therefore, it is no surprise that these units go through plenty of wear and tear, which, in return, can shorten their lifespan. As such, you need to check out the tips below to learn how to properly maintain your water heater.

1. Test Out the Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve

You should test out the temperature-pressure relief valve to prevent the water pressure in the tank from rising to dangerously high levels. The temperature-pressure relief valve goes by several names, such as the T&P valve, the TPR valve, and the pressure release valve. It is a component that helps manage high pressure inside the tank.

Like other water heater components, the TPR valve may malfunction and fail to work when the pressure increases or, even worse, start to leak when the pressure is not high, thereby causing property damage. Testing it can help you avoid costly repairs since you will be able to spot any potential issues.

2. Check the Level of Corrosion in the Anode Rod

The inside lining of your water heater frequently interacts with minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. These minerals eventually lead to corrosion and may damage the water heater. To prevent this, a sacrificial rod, the anode rod, is placed inside the tank. The rod is made of materials that attract the minerals, thereby helping to protect the tank lining from corrosion.

Some models have the anode rod attachment right at the top for easy access. However, in some, you will have to call a professional to locate the anode rod. The professional will start by unscrewing the caps on the water heater before moving the insulation underneath. After that, they will replace the rod if it is spent.

3. Flush the Unit

Flushing your water heater at least twice every year helps to remove sediment, which, in turn, improves the unit’s efficiency. Over time, sediment will build up in your water heater, and its accumulation can make the unit strain to keep up with your household’s demands. Additionally, sediment in your water heater usually includes rust and minerals, which can corrode the inside of the tank.

You can either do a partial flush or a total flush. A partial flush is surprisingly easy; therefore, it is often recommended for most homeowners. However, if you want to do a total flush, you will need to seek the services of a professional plumber, given the complexities that can come with it.

First, the plumber will shut down the entire water heating system to prevent damage. The plumber will also ensure the power to the unit is cut before starting a total flush. This means turning off the breaker if the water heater is electric or shutting off the gas supply if it is a gas-powered model. Another thing to consider when it comes to a total flush is that it is not meant for tankless water heaters.

4. Seek Professional Inspection

While you can do most of the above projects on your own, it is advisable that you seek professional inspection. This is even more important when your water heating unit starts to show the following signs.

  • Producing insufficient hot water
  • Clinking noises from the inside of the water heater
  • Completely corroded or destroyed anode rod
  • Hot water takes long to start flowing when you turn on the faucet
  • Minor leaks that only occur around connections

Plumbers at Thompson Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning have several years of experience maintaining and repairing water heaters in Oceanside, CA. If you reach out to us for a water heater inspection, we will use our skills to troubleshoot the problem. Ideally, contacting us immediately when you notice any problem is recommended because it can help to prevent a significant and costly issue from developing.

Another reason to contact us for water heater inspection is that different types of water heaters require various maintenance techniques. It is crucial that you know the type of water heater you are dealing with for optimal maintenance and efficiency.

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