Sewer Repair in Escondido & Oceanside, CA

Sewer problems can lead to backed up toilets, multiple drain problems, and other issues that can result in major water damage.

Thompson Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning can help you get your sewer problems under control and your plumbing system back to normal with professional sewer repair services. Our Escondido & Oceanside sewer repair experts handle leaking, cracked, collapsed, or damaged sewer pipes using the safest and most efficient solutions. We will work closely with you to understand your exact needs and present you with the best solution for your home. 

No matter what’s causing you to have sewer problems, our team is here to deliver the hassle-free service and exceptional results you need.

Give us a call today for professional sewer repair services in Escondido, CA, Oceanside, CA and surrounding areas.

When to Call Your Escondido & Oceanside Sewer Repair Professional for Help

Common signs of trouble in the sewer line include: frequent clogs, issues with multiple drains in your home, backed up toilets or shower drains, and inconsistent water levels in the toilet.

If you are having recurring or persistent drain or toilet problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Escondido & Oceanside sewer repair experts for immediate help. We will inspect your system, identify the source of the problem, and ensure that you receive the safe and efficient solution you need.

What to Expect from Our Escondido Sewer Repair Services

Traditional methods of sewer repair will involve excavating the affected area and replacing the damaged section of piping with new material. Our Escondido & Oceanside sewer repair team will go through your sewer line with a video pipe inspection before any repair or replacement work begins to ensure the accurate completion of the job–and to minimize damage to your property and landscaping.

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Your safety and peace of mind is always our number one priority. Whether you require immediate sewer repair services or you are having issues with another aspect of your plumbing system, know that when you work with Thompson Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning you will be receiving honest professional solutions and the peace of mind you deserve.

Call now to schedule an immediate inspection and learn more about your options for sewer repair. Serving the complete sewer and plumbing needs of Escondido & Oceanside, CA.

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