Repiping Services in Escondido, CA

Water stains on your walls or ceiling? Suspect a leak in your water supply line? Get immediate help when you contact your local experts at Thompson Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning. We provide professional repiping solutions throughout the Escondido, CA area and will make sure you receive the personalized service and long-term results you need to achieve total peace of mind.

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Signs You Need to Repipe Your Escondido Home

It can be difficult to notice leaks in your supply lines since most of it is hidden behind the walls or ceiling. Know the warning signs of hidden leaks so you can get the help you need before a larger problem develops.

Signs it’s time to contact an Escondido repiping professional include: the water meter running nonstop; discolored water (which can signal rust in the pipes); moldy smells throughout your home; and the sound of water constantly running through your plumbing lines. You may also notice an unexplainable spike in your water bill.

No matter the cause of the problem, you can rely on our experts to have your plumbing running efficiently in no time. Call now to schedule immediate repiping services in Escondido, CA.

Do You Have Old Water Supply Lines? Repipe to Avoid a Plumbing Emergency

Still have original supply pipes installed in an older home? You may need to plan for repiping to prevent a plumbing emergency. Older homes were often built with plumbing lines that are now outdated, such as galvanized steel, polybutylene, and lead pipes. Even if you are not experiencing any plumbing problems, it’s still a good idea to make plans for replacing older plumbing lines as soon as possible so you can avoid an even bigger problem over time. Give our experts at Thompson Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning a call to learn more about our repiping services in Escondido, CA.

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Thompson Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to providing the best in repiping solutions for homeowners throughout the Escondido location. We will take the time to understand your concerns and will only recommend services that will give you the long-term peace of mind you need.

Keep your home safe with reliable repiping and plumbing solutions. Contact us today to schedule professional repiping services in Escondido, CA or the surrounding area.

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