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Having a clogged up drain can really mess up your day, but if you call the experts at Thompson Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, it can be solved in no time. We offer professional drain cleaning services in which we work quickly to clear out any blockages and get things flowing again at properties in Escondido. Call us at the first sign of an issue, and you can expect our drain cleaning team to be there shortly! 

Inspecting Drains for Cleaning

When we get your call about drain cleaning, we show up fast and bring expert inspection equipment that allows us to get a closer look at what exactly the obstruction is made of and how big it is. Once we know what is going on with your drainage system in Escondido, we can come up with a plan for clearing it out. 

If you wait too long to have a plumber come out and do drain cleaning, the issue may have worsened and it may be too late to just unclog. Don’t delay in calling for help with a drainage issue in Escondido, or you could risk needing to have the plumbing system repaired or something replaced. Our team can come out and get your drains cleaned out before it gets to that point.

For more information about our drain cleaning services, contact us today to speak with one of our drain cleaning experts!

Drain Cleaning Jobs in Escondido

There are many things that we have come across on drain cleaning jobs during our years in business. Our plumbers have dealt with all kinds of clogs, from grease, food, hair, non-flushable items, and even tree roots. No matter what is stuck in your plumbing system in Escondido, we are sure to get it out and get everything back to normal quickly and easily so you are not inconvenienced. 

We use expert drain cleaning equipment and safe measures to work on your plumbing. Many people believe that they can unclog drains themselves with the use of store-bought chemicals, but the truth is that those are harmful to your plumbing system. Leave it up to the professionals and just call us for drain cleaning in Escondido.  

For any problems with how things are draining at your place in Escondido, place a call to Thompson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. We have a staff of drain cleaning experts who can swiftly clear out everything so that things can return to normal at your property.  

Reach our team today at 760-842-7630, or by filling out our contact form.

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