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Sewer and Drain Services in San Diego

Drain and sewer systems in most homes and businesses throughout San Diego County, CA, rely on gravity to transport waste through a series of gently sloped pipes. Most often, the sewer and drain pipes function without a problem, however, they can easily become clogged or break without proper care and maintenance, leading to costly repairs.

If your home or office has a broken pipe or clogged drain, trust in the experts at Thompson Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning to provide reliable help. We are experienced in troubleshooting a variety of drain or sewer related plumbing repairs, maintenance, clog removal, pipe inspection, and new plumbing installation.

Drain Cleaning Services in Southern California

Drain clogs are among the most distressing problems, because they’re hard to clear, even with unclogging chemicals available from most stores. This is because they can be caused by a huge range of items being stuck in the drainpipe, including:

  • Grease, fat and similar by-products
  • Hair from everyday washing
  • Non-flushable items such as wet wipes and various hygiene products
  • Items dropped into the sewage system, such as hair clips, toys, jewelry, and even phones
  • Coffee grounds, flour, and other insoluble food products building up

As all of these build up, they can create a clog, and most chemicals won’t clear these. In addition, the caustic chemicals used could actually be doing harm to your drainage system, potentially worsening the problem in the long run.

If you suspect that your plumbing system is beginning to suffer from the effects of any of these causes, call Thompson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning today.

External Factors Can Hurt Your Drain System in California

Over time, trees have gradually uprooted sidewalks and worked their way through concrete, so imagine what happens when one discovers your drainage system. This sort of problem is quite common, but it usually takes professional equipment to discover the source of the issue. Other external factors can include the age of the pipes, seismic events and pipes getting broken due to the foundations settling. Older pipes can get brittle and eventually crack, and earthquakes can cause joints to become dislodged and separate.

All of these can cause pipes to back up and let sewage back into your kitchen or bathroom when it should be going to the local municipal sewer or your septic system. Any interruption is a cause for concern, and it can lead to potential health risks.

You may notice a distressing smell in the affected area, or it might just seem exceptionally verdant, even in the summer. If water is escaping, it’s adding a substantial amount of fertilizer and moisture to the soil. However, as the break becomes worse, the pipe can rupture further, causing a complete blockage. You may notice a depression in the soil, or it might seem permanently wet. Even if the sewage has somewhere to go, it’s ending up in your local water sources instead of being processed safely. It could even be undermining your foundations and causing wet rot.

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If you suspect your drainage system may be compromised, talk to our team today at 760-842-7630, or complete our contact form. We also handle routine plumbing maintenance to ensure that your home’s plumbing system is in top-notch condition. We can solve almost any plumbing problem in your home, whether you have cast-iron sewer lines, PVC or ABS piping, or galvanized steel water pipes.

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