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The air ducts at your property get dirty and dusty over time and with your HVAC system in use. It is recommended to have duct cleaning performed regularly to ensure that the air blown through the building is not contaminated or polluted. When the time comes that you are looking to hire a professional to clean out the ducts at your place in Escondido & Oceanside, call the experts at Thompson Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning!

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Escondido & Oceanside’s Duct Cleaning Experts

Our company has been in business in the Escondido, CA, Oceanside, CA and surrounding areas since 1980. Over these years, we have serviced the HVAC systems at countless properties and helped our customers feel confident that they have clean air being circulated. When you hire us for duct cleaning, you can rest assured that our seasoned professionals are on the job. 

You may not be sure if you need your ducts cleaned because it is a largely hidden issue. Our experts will be able to tell if we come out and inspect your system. We will look for dust entering through any leaks or if any airflow imbalances are letting in airborne particles.

Why Hire for Duct Cleaning

The ductwork throughout your property is the passageway for heated and cooled air to reach the rooms. If there is an accumulation of dust or debris in the system, which often happens due to leaks and gaps, those irritants are mixed with the air that is distributed through the place. Not having duct cleaning done means you could subject everyone who visits your Escondido & Oceanside home or business to breathing dirty air.

Hire a professional HVAC company for duct cleaning to get the particles out of your vents, and you will enjoy several benefits. Besides the cleaner air, having cleared out ducts can improve the system’s efficiency, leading to lower energy costs and enhanced comfort.

Everything You Need to Know About Air Duct Cleaning

If you are thinking about getting your air ducts cleaned, there are a few things you want to consider beforehand. First, you will want to understand how duct cleaning works. What tools are used? What are the basic services provided? You also need to know the limitations of duct cleaning services regarding air quality issues. To determine whether you need to call a service or not, let’s look at some of the basic functions and purposes of air duct cleaning.

How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work? Does It Prevent Health Problems?

How does air duct cleaning work? Duct cleaning uses negative pressure technology to clear out excess dust and debris from your AC system’s ductwork. This includes the system’s registers or vents, the air filters, evaporator coils, and the air handler. The technician will use a truck-mounted vacuum to suck out dust and dirt from the system and then should go back and carefully clean each register individually with rotating brushes, air compressor tools, and a smaller, hand-held vacuum.

It has not been proven that duct cleaning can prevent any health problems, given that the quality of your air is affected by much more than just the duct system of your HVAC system.

Other factors include:

  • Pollutants in the outside air

  • Smoking habits

  • Possible mold build up

  • Gases emitted in cooking

  • Cleaning vapors

Air duct cleanings are needed primarily in the case of mold build-up inside the metal plating of duct systems, vermin infestation in the ductwork, or the clogging of your vents due to an extreme amount of dust.

Can Air Duct Cleaning Improve Indoor Air Quality? Is There a Recommended Indoor Air Quality Standard?

Air duct cleanings are not the answer to all indoor air quality issues. As mentioned before, many air pollutants come from other sources and have to be addressed directly to improve your air quality. However, if the poor quality of your air is due to mold or pollen lodged or growing in your ductwork, getting your system cleaned thoroughly will eliminate the issue.

There is no specific recommended indoor air quality standard since your air quality is based on several primary air gases levels—however, the lower the ppm of any common pollutant or emission, the better. If you have concerns regarding your indoor air quality, you should have a trained technician come to test the gas levels in your home before deciding to have your ducts cleaned.

Should Everyone Get Air Duct Cleaning? Who Benefits the Most from Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is a service best utilized on an as-needed basis. Some of the most significant issues that require a thorough duct cleaning are—

  • Seeing or suspecting mold growth in your ductwork

  • Discovering or suspecting a vermin infestation

  • Registers that have become clogged with an extreme excess of dust or debris

Another time you may choose to get a cleaning is at the change of the seasons, if you have a fuel-burning heating system, like a furnace, fireplace, or stove, to ensure that there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

What to Expect From Air Duct Cleaning Services

When you make an appointment to have your air duct system cleaned, what should you expect? How do you choose a reputable duct cleaning service? What all is covered in a duct cleaning service? And how much can you expect the service to cost?

Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Air Duct Cleaning Services

When it’s time to hire an air duct cleaning service, it is very important that you choose a reputable service that will clean your system thoroughly and knowledgeably. Hiring unprofessional or non-certified air duct cleaners may cost less, but the potential for incomplete cleaning or possible damage to your ductwork is highly likely. A few things you will want to consider as you choose a service are—

  • Is the service or technician certified, licensed, and experienced? Never hire an air duct cleaning service that isn’t licensed to do the job.

  • What are the service’s business ratings? Past clients are always a good way to get an idea of the reputability of a service.

  • Are their rates competitive? You get what you pay for and professional services should have competitive rates when compared to other professional services.

  • How are their customer service skills? Are they friendly and knowledgeable, using easy-to-understand language? Are they helpful with your questions?

  • What is their availability? Will they be able to come out and clean your system when you need it?

How Do I Know the Air Duct Cleaner Did a Thorough Cleaning Job?

Once you hire an air duct cleaner, how can you know if they’ve done an excellent job? Are there ways you can check to ensure they did thorough work?

Of course, if you have done your research and hired a reputable service, you should be able to assume that your air ducts were professionally and thoroughly cleaned. Cleaners go through several steps to clean your air duct system and remove excess dust and debris.

  • Inspect ducts. First, a contractor will inspect the ductwork and the return and supply registers. They’ll look for dents or kinks in the system and sometimes even use cameras to look deep inside the ducts to get an idea of the problem that needs cleaning.

  • Negative pressure vacuum. A cleaner will then attach a large, truck-mounted vacuum to a hole they will cut in the return and supply sides of your duct system near the central air-handling unit. After sealing off every register or vent, they will run the powerful vacuum to suck out all the debris and dust.

  • Individual register cleaning. After the initial dust removal, a cleaner will then go to each individual register and clean the ducts with rotating brushes, air compressor tools, and simple vacuum cleaners. They may be required to cut into more spots throughout your system to ensure that the inside is cleaned, but this is nothing to be worried about.

  • Clean other components. The air duct cleaning contractor will then clean all the other major components of your HVAC system, including the blower motor, the evaporator coils, and the drain pan. They should also clean or replace your air filter.

  • Seal everything back up. Lastly, your air duct cleaning service will seal any holes they had to cut out in your system to allow for proper cleaning.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Air Duct Cleaning Services?

The cost of air duct cleaning services can vary quite a bit depending on the presenting issue and the size of the house. You can expect to spend from $300-$500 for a 3-5 hour cleaning for an average home, while you could spend up to $700 on cleaning services for a larger one.

Professional Duct Cleaning in Escondido & Oceanside

Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning is the company to call for peace of mind that you don’t have dirty air being blown around your home or business. We offer a duct cleaning service in Escondido & Oceanside to keep your HVAC system in top shape and improve indoor air quality.

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