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“Garett is great and easy to work with. He is very professional, courteous and honest. I would recommend him to anyone who needs work on their HVAC system. I had a problem with my furnace, I called him in the morning and he was able to adjust his schedule to accommodate my schedule and come out the same day.” -Ben R. from Oceanside, CA, Yelp

“This kind of PERSONALIZED treatment is just NOT seen these days. We are older people and were treated as people used to be treated back when we all had respect for each other. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Garett and Thompson Heating and AC for ANY work that they provide to our community.” – John F. from Oceanside, CA, Google+ Local

“I always recommend Thompson Heating and Air to anyone that wants Heating and Air conditioning service, or a change in their systems.” -Abby K. from Carlsbad, CA, Angie’s List

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