Humidity Control

Use Humidifiers and Humidity Control Solutions to Protect Your Home

Humidifiers and de-humidifiers can help you control the humidity in your Southern California home. Controlling the humidity within your home or building is very desirable for many reasons, including the improvement of your overall air quality and the protection of your investments.

Humidity For Your Health

Many people don’t realize that controlling the amount of moisture in the air can contribute positively to your family’s health. Dry air in your home can make your throat feel dry and cause or aggravate respiratory ailments. If you have a cold, a home with lower humidity (dry air) makes your symptoms worse, aggravating sore throats, coughs and congested sinuses.

Optimal comfort is generally found at a relative humidity level of 40-55%.

Humidity to Protect Investments

Sometimes it’s necessary to control the humidity in a room to protect your investments. Maybe you have a wine cellar in your home or restaurant, or you have hardwood floors and expensive custom wood furniture. Even dry air can cause damage to wood over time, causing it to warp and lose it’s shape. On the other hand, wood can also rot and begin to mold if too much moisture is added to the air.

Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning has a variety of solutions that can help you to perfectly control the humidity in any room of your home, or an entire building if needed.

Humidity and De-Humidifier Services We Offer

  • Whole House Humidifiers and De-Humidifiers
  • Humidity Problem Solving

We understand you have many choices when it comes to a humidity system installation contractor. We want you to know that when you choose Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning for your humidity control needs, you are taking on a valued partner in making your home or building a better, more comfortable place to be in.

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