Heating Repair in San Diego County

The heating system in your San Diego home is a critical aspect of your comfort and your safety. As the system ages, some components will eventually need to be repaired or replaced to keep the system operating reliably and safely, without costing a fortune on your monthly utility bills.

When it is time to have your heating system repaired, look no further than Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning! We offer complete maintenance and repair services on all types of heating equipment, including heat pumps and furnaces.

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Determining When a Heating System Needs Repairs

Whether you have a heat pump or a furnace, there will be likely be signs that the system needs repairs before there is a major failure. If your heating system shows any of the following symptoms, schedule a heating repair visit as soon as possible:

  • Strange smells or noises at or near the system
  • Reduced heat output or a complete lack of heat
  • Dirty burners on a furnace or flames that are yellow instead of blue
  • A pilot light that frequently shuts off or an ignitor that has failed
  • Dirty coils, a frozen coil, or refrigerant leaks on a heat pump
  • A compressor that overheats or makes strange noises
  • Electrical contacts that are burned, loose, melted, or hot
  • Carbon monoxide detectors that are sounding an alarm

If your heating system shows any of these signs, call our team at Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning. We can diagnose and repair any of your heating system problems quickly and efficiently. We also offer emergency heating repair services if you need immediate repairs outside of standard business hours.

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Avoiding Unnecessary Heating Repairs in the San Diego Area

The best way to extend the life of your heating system while minimizing repair costs is to keep up with its routine maintenance. At least once or twice a year, you should schedule a service visit to have your system inspected and maintained. Some things that are typically done during a maintenance visit include:

  • Changing the air filter
  • Cleaning the air handler
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Inspecting the electrical system
  • Cleaning the burners on a furnace
  • Inspecting the flue and heat exchanger

Our team at Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning can perform all the maintenance necessary on your heating system according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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When to Replace a Heating System in San Diego County

Once your system is over 10 years old, and it starts requiring frequent maintenance, it may be more cost effective to consider replacing it, especially if major components like the compressor or the heat exchanger are on the verge of failure.

At Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer complete system replacements and new installations, featuring heat pumps and furnaces from manufacturers like Trane and Maytag.

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When you need heating repairs in the San Diego area, call our team at Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning for high-quality, affordable repair services. We also feature emergency services for after-hours heating repairs!

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