Interview with Thompson Owner Garett Baird in Coastal San Diego Homes

Coastal San Diego Homes Magazine CoverWe’re pleased to announce that the July 2013 issue of Coastal San Diego Homes includes a special interview with Garett Baird, owner of Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning.

In his one-page interview with writer Beth Wood, Garett emphasizes the importance of getting an air conditioner tune up before summer’s heat hits its peak.

“If you don’t have your unit checked out now, the A/C always seems to go out during the hottest parts of the season,” Garett explains. “And at that time, we are really busy and may not get to you quickly. So, be ahead of the game and worry-free for the summer.”


The interview covers a number of other important topics, including:

We hope you’ll pick up a copy of Coastal San Diego Homes and let us know what you think about Garett’s interview! We’ve been privileged to serve Oceanside, CA and our neighbors for the past 23 years, and we’re not going anywhere. Contact us today if you have questions about air conditioning or heating in your home or place of business.

Thompson Heating and Air Conditioning is a small business based in Oceanside, CA that maintains a 5-star rating on Yelp for customer service, efficiency and high quality service.