Furnace Basics

Gas Furnace Repair and Installations in Southern CaliforniaCentral Warm-Air Furnace

A central warm-air furnace is a type of space-heating equipment in which a central combustion or resistance unit provides warm air that circulates through ducts leading to the various rooms. This system is generally powered by gas, fuel oil, or electricity. Heat pumps are not included in this category.

A forced-air furnace is one in which a fan is used to force the air through the ducts. In a gravity furnace, air is circulated by gravity, relying on the natural flow of warm air up and cold air down. The warm air rises through ducts and the cold air falls through ducts that return it to the furnace to be reheated, thus completing the circulation cycle.

Heat Pump (Reverse-Cycle System)

A heat pump is a year-round heating and air-conditioning system in which refrigeration equipment supplies both heating and cooling through ducts leading to individual rooms. A heat pump generally consists of a compressor, both indoor and outdoor coils, and a thermostat.

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