Ductwork Service in San Diego County

The ductwork in a San Diego home or business is designed to supply conditioned air to each room or zone proportionally, according to its size. As air travels through the system, anything that affects its flow, changes its temperature or allows it to escape can have a significant effect on the HVAC system, reducing heating and cooling efficiency by up to 30 percent. By having your ductwork professionally inspected and repaired, you may be able to reduce your utility costs dramatically.

At Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer complete ductwork repair services throughout the San Diego and Southern California region. We also offer heating, cooling, indoor air quality and plumbing services, and commercial HVAC services.

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Common Ductwork Problems in Southern California

Compared to the actual heating or cooling system, ductwork requires only minimal maintenance and the occasional repair. The most common problems include:

  • Joints that have loosened over time due to vibration or improper installation
  • Loose or missing insulation that allows heat gain or loss
  • Cracks or punctures that allow conditioned air to escape or dust to enter
  • Crushed, twisted, or damaged duct sections
  • Materials that have corroded or degraded
  • Obstructions that hinder airflow
  • Broken dampers, vents, or zoning controls
  • Accumulations of dust, dirt debris, or moisture

At Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning, we have the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to repair all these common duct problems and more. We also offer complete duct maintenance services, as well as installation and replacement.

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The Effects of Duct Problems in Your San Diego Home

Ducts that have not been installed, repaired or maintained correctly can create significant issues for your San Diego home, including:

  • Higher energy usage and utility costs
  • Reduced comfort due to conditioned air escaping or being tempered by external air
  • Reduced indoor air quality due to dust entering leaky return ducts
  • Poor humidity control due to moisture entering ducts
  • Pressure differentials due to airflow imbalances that allow dust to enter your home

At Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning, we can correct the duct problems that create these issues, and inspect your entire system for anything that may cause a future problem.

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